Grey Man Gear Crumb Bumper Plate

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The Grey Man Gear Crumb Bumper Plates are made from durable, recycled vulcanized crumb rubber with a solid stainless steel insert to evenly distribute the force of the load when dropped, which extends the life of your bumper plates, your bar and your flooring. These bumper plates are used by the US Military in the toughest environments and is an approved product for the new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). 

Plates are priced and sold as individual plates. For a set of 2 or more, make sure to adjust your quantity per plate.

Product Details: 

  • Dead bounce for a low noise workout 
  • Durable, recycled vulcanized crumb rubber
  • Outdoor rated
  • Approved for Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)
  • Tested to exceed 20,000 drops from 6’ 
  • Stainless steel insert 
  • Insert ID: 50mm (1.9685 inches)
  • Available in 45, 35, 25, 10, & 5 LBS
  • OD: 450mm (17.7165 inches) 
  • 45LB plate width: 3.50" 
  • 35LB plate width: 3.00"  
  • 25LB plate width: 2.50"
  • 15LB plate width: 1.50"  
  • 10LB plate width: 1.25"
  • 5LB plate width: 1.75" with the OD of 10" 
  • Product warranty: 1 year warranty (25/35/45lb plates) and 180 days (5/10/15lb plates)

Grey Man Gear Crumb Bumper Plates are rated for use in outdoor environments but should be stored in a weather resistant area. 

Please Note: Crumb rubber bumper plates are manufactured utilizing recycled rubber and this process can sometimes create slight color variations and other minor aesthetic imperfections. These imperfections do not impact the quality or performance of the product. 

Grey Man Gear Bumper Plate Spec Sheet