About Us


The grey man or woman is a person who works hard and trains for the things that matter most to them, and they do it without fanfare or shouting from the rooftops about their accomplishments. They understand that in order to achieve their goals it takes consistent effort, and they are willing to put in the work each day. They may not always win, but they always give their all. They are the everyday heroes around us, from members of our military and first responder services, to the everyday achievers looking to be at their best for themselves and those that count on them. The world may not see all their hard work, but we're proud to support it each and every day. 

Grey Man Gear™ is a series of performance training equipment from BeaverFit designed to be high-quality training tools that are simple and effective, and can stand up to the elements in any environment. All Grey Man Gear™ products are made in America and used worldwide by US and NATO Military Forces as a part of all BeaverFit Performance Lockers.

Wherever you train. However you train. Whether by yourself, or with a group. Grey Man Gear products are designed to help you achieve your best when it matters the most.


BeaverFit is the global leader in indoor/outdoor, portable and customized functional fitness training solutions. BeaverFit products include integrated Performance Lockers, Rigs, and unique storage solutions, and is the premier provider of human performance equipment to the US Military. Our mission is to solve training challenges, innovate through intelligent engineering and provide durable equipment that satisfies any and all performance goals.

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